Heavy Burden

Heavy Burden

– a film by Bjørn Engvik

Tony has performed well. Now he has a permanent job, runs a morning café at “Safir” and runs courses for those who do not know how they will manage to stay in their own home, manage the daily finances and navigate in an online reality. Now you can not look at him that he was addicted to heroin for many years. There is dignity.

Roy did not go so well with. After two years he joined the theater troupe, the regular gathering point they had. The goal was to conduct his own life, daring to stand on a stage and see themselves outside. Roy advocated the idea of ​​”forgiveness and dignity”, as he had read it in Thomas Aquinas. He wanted to give everyone a second chance, no one excluded because of intoxication of power over you. But now he is dead.

Jan Erik struggled as he had always done. He would write out of the rapture; texts, songs. Actually, he was a musician – the theater, he was not particularly concerned. He wrote only serious thing, so Bob Dylan did. But only his lyrics got to watch the premiere. It was the second heart operation that killed him and silenced his voice.

Gry was luckier. She did not die until after the success. It went fine, several newspapers wrote about them and what they had achieved. She had risen from humiliation, away from the Plata district and the other whores. Skogen, theater and poetry had become her new life – in reality took her away, suddenly one day. Nothing more, now just memories and words.

The hub for these four people was “Meta Theatre”. Now it is a closed chapter. Those who survived have to find other goals in life. Along the theater was a way of being able to stand upright without chemical assistance.

Documentary. A period of approx. 4 years in the life fires were documented: some theater work, most the fires life. The film tries to convey genuine, strong experience in a tough world – strong wills in battle with immense powers. Someone wins the game, some lose.